Morocco – Australia: ASMEX intends to develop trade between the two countries

The Australian Ambassador to Morocco, Mr. Michael Cutss, accompaniedborn of Mr. Oussama Alaoui representative of “Australian Trade and Investment Commission »have been receiveds January 19 2023, at the headquarters of l’Association Moroccan exporters, par the President of the ASMEX Europe Commission, Mr. PhilippeEdern Klein.

This meeting iswritten within the framework of the development of commercial exchanges and bilateral relations, which remainsnt still very weaks inbetween the two countries, in order to position Moroccoas a partnerre privileged in Africa for Australia and Hub for African markets sub-saharan. During this meeting, the two parties emphasized the possibilities to increase thetheir trade by exploiting existing complementarities on both sides, and the need to attract a new wave of Australian investors in Morocco.

With regard to the main areas for strengthening bilateral cooperationthe the two parties stressed the need to promote cooperation between Morocco and Australia at the Agricultural and Agrifood level, in evoking in this sense the existence d’huge opportunities in the export of agri-food products moroccans (Dates…) to Australia and then use it as a Hub for South Asian markets South EastTherefore what take advantage of Australian expertise in agricultural technologies. In order to fluidify cexchanges, this meeting has myrque the ultimate importance d’assuris la mise establishment of a legal framework with quotas, to encourage the economic operators of the two countries to create business.

The two parties also proposed to carry out joint actions aend of the sensibleis
them Moroccan economic operatorss on business opportunities to seize on the market
Australian, he was So agreed to hold a webinar Doing Business with Australia»
shortly. That’s why I wrote to youthis could be followedsubsequently, of a mission B2B depending of
identified areas of interest.

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