What is important

Bosses of the four big tech companies face the US Congress. The CEOs of Apple, Amazon, Alphabet and Facebook had to testify virtually before the congress whether they were abusing their market power. Important questions are asked. However, the four evade them time and again – and instead attack the Chinese competition. By Jürgen Schmieder

Greens and SPD call for the voting age to be reduced to 16 years. Family Minister Franziska Giffey said that young people are able to make responsible voting decisions at this age. The chairmen of Greens, Robert Habeck, and SPD, Saskia Esken, agree. There are rather skeptical voices from the CSU. Go to Article

Trump warns US not to return to climate agreements. The US president said the country would become “another Venezuela”. Such a move would cost the United States billions of dollars. More news about the US election

EXCLUSIVE EU trade commissioner calls for harsher measures against US punitive tariffs. Phil Hogan regrets that the EU has not launched a candidate for the top post at the World Trade Organization (WTO). The Irishman also complains about the many punitive tariffs and threats with which the US government is covering the EU: “This is not the kind of relationship that is normal between very important trading partners.” By Björn Finke

Meuthen calls on Höcke to fight. The AfD chairman says about the Thuringian head of state that he is not a federal politician. Despite several requests, he did not dare to challenge him in the post of federal chairman. Meuthen warns the Brandenburg-AfD to keep the extreme right-wing politician Kalbitz thrown out of the party in the office of the parliamentary leader. More on this

The Corona Virus News

Brazil reports record number of new infections. More than 70,000 people in the South American country are infected in one day. There is still no national strategy against the virus. More news from around the world

SZ Plus Does the pandemic prevent premature births? During the corona crisis, there is a trend in some countries that fewer premature babies are born. What could be the reason – and what medicine can learn from it. By Werner Bartens

Belgium is doubly paralyzed. Brussels is drastically tightening up the corona measures. The province of Antwerp is particularly affected. The country has also had no government with its own majority for more than a year and a half. By Matthias Kolb

What becomes important

Announcement of second quarter GDP and labor market figures. The gross domestic product is calculated by the Federal Statistical Office. The Federal Employment Agency publishes the labor market statistics for July 2020. Half-yearly balance sheets of large companies such as VW, Airbus and Deutsche Bahn are also expected.

BGH announces four judgments on damage claims by car buyers against VW in the diesel scandal. The most important decision concerns the question of whether plaintiffs can still have claims if they only bought their car after the emissions scandal was exposed in autumn 2015.

Italian Senate votes on ex-Interior Minister Salvini’s immunity waiver. The case involves a deprivation of liberty trial from Palermo. The Lega boss had the private Spanish rescue ship as minister in 2019 Open Arms blocked with migrants on board for a long time at sea off Sicily.

Nasa sends rover to Mars. “Perseverance” will start from Cape Canaveral in the US state of Florida at 1:50 p.m. German time. The 1,000-kilogram rover the size of a small car is said to be looking for traces of previous microbial life after landing on the red planet in February 2021.

Breakfast cereal

When design goes wrong. From nudibranch headphones to anus chocolate: the Instagram account “UglyDesign” collects a few of the most terrible ideas. There is not only much to discover, but also to laugh. To the text