Moritz Seider makes NHL debut at Detroit Red Wings

NIt’s not even two and a half years since Steve Yzerman caused displeasure at the Detroit Red Wings. The manager of the eleven-time champions from the North American ice hockey league NHL had pulled Moritz Seider to number six in the 2019 draft. A “shock”, commented “The Hockey News”, Yzerman was unable to explain. How could he waste such an early election in the annual talent draw for a German defender who had previously only played at home? Especially with regard to the numerous highly gifted people from Canada, Russia or Sweden who were available to choose from. But the manager remained calm: wait and see, he replied, this German defender is going to be a really big one.

This Thursday evening (local time, 1.30 a.m. CEST on Friday night), when the Detroit Red Wings start the new NHL season against the champions Tampa Bay Lightning, Moritz Seider will finally make his debut in the world’s strongest ice hockey league. And there is no one left who has anything to complain about about it. On the contrary: the specialist audience in the United States and Canada would have wished for this earlier, as they are certain that Seider has what it takes to become a star. That the 20-year-old could become one who holds the defense of the Red Wings together for years and leads the badly crashed old master to new splendor.

There is no question that he can do that, even for Seider. “I want to win games. I’ve come a lot closer to that, ”he told the specialist magazine Ice Hockey News. The big and heavy, but at the same time agile and strong defender, has so far succeeded in everything he set out to do.

Then came Corona

At the age of 16 he made his debut in the German Ice Hockey League (DEL), a year later he was honored as a regular master with the Adler Mannheim and as newcomer of the year in the DEL. Then he played his first World Cup in Slovakia and also convinced internationally. In the same summer, the Red Wings secured his rights, but initially parked him in their second team. Seider was so good there too that he should make his NHL debut in 2020. But then Corona came.

The old season was interrupted, the new one postponed. Seider went into the strong Swedish league and reached the final with Rögle BK. He was named Defender of the Year. He also made it to the semi-finals with the German national team at the subsequent World Cup in Latvia and was honored again: this time as the best defender of the tournament. He then went to Detroit and recently scored his first goal in a friendly. Now he should show that he can do that in the NHL. Nobody has any doubts: Steve Yzerman has long been celebrated for his visionary selection at the 2019 Draft.



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