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13 September 2021 09:23

Morgan asks to change the name on the tomb of Franco Battiato, the great Catania artist who died on May 18, 2021 at the age of 76. In the last few hours he launched an appeal on Facebook, publishing the photo of Battiato’s tombstone on which the full name appears, Battiato Francesco. Morgan asks that the name that made him famous be indicated on the tombstone and writes: “Now, I agree that evidently in the registry office this was registered 75 years ago, as the bureaucracy requires, in the inelegance to put the surname of family to the proper name, and oh well, which if it remains in those squalid and dusty registers does not represent anything important, but if it is true that all human beings are born tabulae rasae it is also true that then in life they play it and some differ for merits from others, and it is precisely these ‘others’ who decree their excellence, admiring them, esteeming them, loving them and respecting them ”, writes the artist.

“When these men and women – continues Morgan – win the love of the world for the beauty of what they do, they are recognized and this happens above all through their name. Do you know Leonardo Da Vinci? Yes. Because he painted the Mona Lisa. he will always remember and keep this work signed by a fifteenth-century Tuscan called Leonardo. Do you know Robert Jones? Honestly no. But how? He is one of the greatest communicators of the twentieth century and also of singers and even performers. But really? Strange, not I know him. I would like to say, because he is actually called David Bowie. Born David Robert Jones, but for the history of art David Bowie. Franco Battiato was and always will be one of the greatest artists that Italy has boasted and he will always be remembered with this name. Why then was Battiato Francesco engraved in marble on the plaque that should bear his memory? “.

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