Morena would have obtained a majority of votes and deputies at the national level

In the first point, the president of the INE announced that the percentage of participation in this conference at the national level it was from 51.7% to 52.5%.

Regarding the voting ranges, according to the estimates Morena would take the majority of the votes with 34.9 to 35.8%, followed by the PAN with 18.5 to 19.3%, and in third place the PRI with 17.8 and 18.5%

Regarding the estimates aimed at determining the approximate number of both the relative majority and the proportional representation of each party to integrate the Chamber of Deputies, are the following: in the first place would be Morena, with between 190 and 203 seats, followed by the PAN, with 106 to 117 deputies and the PRI with 63 to 75 seats,

All these results are preliminary, the final results will be those that will be given after the end of the computation that begins on Wednesday in the 300 electoral councils of the country.

Córdova, finally, on behalf of the INE recognized the parties and their candidates, as well as the independents, the institutions and the media for having contributed to demonstrating that in Mexico the elections they are already part of the democratic life of the country.