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Ricardo Velazquezsenator from Morena, suggested that the working day of the Mexicans are of six hours a day and not eight. This is how it seeks to reform section 61 of the Federal Labor Act (FLA).

”In Mexico, the average Jordanian labor tends to be eight hours per day, given that Mexican families invest 2,255 working hours annually and a little more than 43 hours per week; It should be noted that the year in account has 8 thousand 760 natural hours”, explains the legislator in his proposal.

The brunette reasons it seeks to guarantee decent conditions and encourage rest to encourage creativity, productivity and innovation in the workplace.

His project also argues that in Latin America, Mexico It is one of the countries where you work the most.

This is how the working day in Mexico would change

In Mexico is three types of working hours:are worked eight hours on the morning shift, seven hours on the night shift, and seven and a half hours on the mixed shift.

The reform proposes to work six hours a day in the three types of schedules, so the working hours per week will be 30.

In addition, the senator suggests that the holidays after the first year of work in a company, is 15 days. This amendment will be made to sections 76 and 78 of the LFT.

The morenista’s proposal was referred to the Senate Labor and Social Welfare Commission for analysis.

Another proposal on holidays: It will be analyzed that workers have 10 days and not 6

The Federal Labor Act gives six days of vacation to employees, this from the first year of work in the company.

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However, this could change since Labor Party (PT) senator Geovanna del Carmen Bañuelos De la Torre proposed Let it be 10 days holiday. The proposal was made in January.

The Upper House will analyze this change, in addition to the reduction to six months of service required to be entitled to holidays.

In this sense, the time would also change for the gradual increase in days, which are currently two for each year of work.

“Our country is completely behind in guaranteeing the human right to rest and the human right to holidays. This initiative aims to protect and guarantee this rightor, to generate well-being in people’s lives”, explained Senator Bañuelos, from the Labor Party (PT).

Other amendments proposed to be made to the General Labor Act are:

  • Prevent workers from being denied the right to rest without jeopardizing the operation of the companies.
  • It intends that the holiday periods do not exceed five days, therefore there will be two rest periods in the year for the workers.

The initiative aims to reform sections 3, 25 and 512 of the Federal Labor Act.



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