Morena also loses the qualified majority … in CDMX

Even though next Saturday the Electoral Institute of Mexico City (IECM) will make official the list of the 33 multi-member councils, It is a fact that Morena and his allies will have 35 seats (19 with a relative majority and 16 multi-member), while the opposition, 31 (14 relative majority and 17 multi-member).

With this, the party in power will lose the qualified majority, which it currently has with 44 deputies, so the morenistas would have to negotiate with the Green Ecologist Party of Mexico O Citizen movement, which for now will have one seat each, although the opposition could do the same.

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The councilor of the IECM, Bernardo Valle Monroy, explained that based on article 24 of the Electoral Institutions and Procedures Code (Coipe) and the vote of the 11 parties, the PAN would obtain 10 multi-member delegations; the PRI, five, and the PRD, two, who made up Va for Mexico City, but for the assignment of multiple legislators they go alone; that is, the allocation will be based on the number of votes obtained and other formulas established by the norm. Morena would reach 14; PVEM, one, and Movimiento Ciudadano, one.

In 2018, Morena and allies in the capital’s Congress won 44 seats as a whole; However, as of September 1, they will only keep 35.

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Therefore, for make laws, points of agreement, opinions, appointments and, above all, the 2022 income and expenses budget, must necessarily make agreements with the opposition, made up of the PRI, PAN and PRD.