Morelos. They kill a veterinarian with bullets, she was waiting for her boyfriend on the street

Morelos. In a matter of seconds, everything changed for a wedding couple, since armed men arrived and without saying a word, shot several times at her, who was waiting in the car, while her boyfriend was going to buy juices.

According to, the events occurred in the early hours of the day in the Miguel Hidalgo neighborhood of municipality of Cuatla, where a veterinary doctor was waiting for her partner in the car, when suddenly, armed men arrived and without saying anything began to shoot him.

At that moment, the vet couple He had gotten out of the car to go buy some juices, when he began to hear a hail of bullets and when he got out he saw that it was an attack on his partner.

Witnesses to the events were those who called the emergency numbers, who also requested the presence of an ambulance, since they were unaware at that time of the woman’s health status.

The first to arrive were the paramedics, who could only verify that the veterinary doctor no longer had vital signs, so the agents of the Public Ministry and Semefo.

The area was cordoned off by elements of several corporations, who carried out an operation to find the aggressors, but they did not have a positive result when they gave the Escape after attack.

So far, it is unknown what could have motivated the aggression against the young woman, who was left without life inside the car.


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