More than one and a half million Dutch people felt discriminated against in 2021 | NOW

11 percent of the inhabitants of the Netherlands aged fifteen years and older felt discriminated against in 2021. Statistics Netherlands and the Ministry of Justice and Security reported this on Monday based on their security monitor. Converted that equates to 1.6 million people.

The safety monitor is a survey in which 173,000 Dutch people participate. People with a Moroccan background (35 percent) and a Surinamese or Dutch-Caribbean background (30 percent) in particular indicated that they often experienced discrimination. Among people with a Dutch background, less than 10 percent indicated that they had sometimes felt discriminated against.

Race or skin color (36 percent) and nationality (27 percent) are most often cited as grounds for the discrimination. Women were more likely to experience discrimination than men. Young people also said they experienced discrimination more often than older people and homosexuals and bisexuals more often than heterosexuals. When it comes to religion or belief, Muslims feel discriminated most often (three out of ten), followed by those who belong to Judaism, Buddhism or Hinduism (two out of ten).

The forms of discrimination people experienced ranged from unequal treatment (60 percent) to discriminatory comments (40 percent) and stigmatization, for example in the media (more than 30 percent).

Almost 1 in 10 people reported discrimination to one or more authorities last year. 3 percent did so with their own employer or training course, 2 percent with the police and 1 percent with a reporting center for discrimination. Less than half a percent reported to the Netherlands Institute for Human Rights.



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