In Cuba 200 American medical students graduate

In Cuba, 200 American students have graduated from the Latin American School of Medicine, according to the Twitter representative of the United Nations, Ana Silvia Rodríguez Abascal, published on the Twitter social network on Wednesday.

According to the diplomat, the students mainly belong to marginalized minorities and low-income families. She also highlighted that these doctors, for the most part, decided to work in their vulnerable communities.

In addition, several students from the school joined the fight against Covid-19 inside the Caribbean island. Among his jobs was support for active research, which goes through neighborhoods looking for people who could be the focus of contagion of the pandemic.

On the other hand, the ambassador of the European Union (EU) in Cuba, Alberto Navarro, said that the island is today giving an example of solidarity in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, by sending medical missions abroad.

He stressed that the European bloc explores “the possibility of creating a school like ELAM for Africa, where there is also much need”, with Cuban ways of doing and European funds.

ELAM’s American students have also held a virtual meeting of graduates. In addition, they joined the fight against the new coronavirus in vulnerable communities such as the New York Bronx.

They also joined the racial struggles in the US and the Black Lives Matter movement with the premise of “taking funds away from the police, financing the community, financing public health.”


More doctors for the world trained in Cuba: another contribution against COVID-19

The graduation this week by the University of Medical Sciences of Havana of around 600 foreign students as health professionals and technicians, when the pandemic generated by COVID-19 threatens to worsen in many nations of the world is, without doubt, another Cuba’s timely international contribution to this battle.

In brief statements to the ACN, Dr. Jorge González Pérez, national director of Teaching at the Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP), said that in the next few days planes with many of these new ones will leave
graduates to nations on the African continent, a region heavily affected by the pandemic and where brigades of the Henry Reeves contingent from the largest of the Antilles save lives daily.

According to Cosme Moré Cuesta, a communicator from the University of Medical Sciences, in events held in his Aula Magna, first 250 graduates from the Republic of the Congo received their degrees, then 269 from the Republic of Angola, and finally more than 70 from 19 nations , with highlights for Chad, Ghana, the United States, Palestine and Colombia.

Several faculties, scattered by Havana hospitals, host students from dozens of nations year after year, in specialties such as Medicine, Stomatology and Health Technologies, many of them under the government-funded modality.

During their training, the students joined the work of health promotion and prevention, the sustained campaign to fight arboviruses, the confrontation with natural disasters and in the last stage, the battle against COVID-19, shoulder with shoulder with Cuban professionals and students.

In the presence of officials from their respective embassies and MINSAP, the new medical science professionals, some with Gold Titles and diplomas of best graduates, thanked their teachers for all their help in achieving the desired goal.

The educational authorities exhorted them to be faithful defenders of the humanistic vocation that characterizes Cuban public health and the model in which they were trained, to continue to deepen the bonds of collaboration and friendship between Cuba and its nations, and to demonstrate their solidarity with other lands in the world.