More than 13 minutes of gameplay from Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Gif: The Pokémon Company / Nintendo.

The new game in the series Pokémon is very close, and this time, it will be different from the ones we have played so far. Is about Pokémon Legends: Arceus, a title that instead of being a turn-based combat game in which you catch pokémon, this time it is based on action and RPG elements, while at the same time, of course, you catch pokémon.

Arceus takes place in the same region as Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, called Sinnoh, but long before the events of those games, when it was still known as Hisui. Technically, it is a title that takes place in the past of the pokémon universe, and the goal of the protagonist (that is, the player) is to create the first Pokédex in the region.

In terms of combat and gameplay, in Arceus it is possible to capture the pokémon without facing themi are careless, or distractingthem with some object, although they can attack the character of the player directly on this open world map that they have to explore (pokemon have different moods). In the game it is necessary create objects to help you in the quest (pokéballs from this era, for example, are made of wood).

It is also possible to fight with the pokémon before capturing them, and for them we can choose one of the pokémon that we have already captured before, or one of the ones that we can choose at the beginning of the game, which in this case the options are: Rowlet (by Pokemon sun and moon), Cyndaquil (from Pokémon Gold and Silver) and Oshawott (of pokemon black and white). Turn-based combat has also been modified, based on a system of fast and smooth attacks., or slow and strong.

The new Pokémon Legends: Arceus arrives January 28 on Nintendo Switch. The best way to understand the differences between the previous pokémon games and the new one Arceus It is with this new gameplay trailer that lasts more than 13 minutes.




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