Program to fight energy poverty of needy families had more than five thousand submissions in 40 days. But there are districts without or with few suppliers.

More than five thousand families (5067) applied for the “Efficiency Valley” of the Environmental Fund, under the Ministry of the Environment. Since registration opened on August 31, the initiative has had, on average, 126 applications per day. The real-time data, available on the program’s page, showed at the beginning of this Sunday afternoon the attribution of 443 vouchers (up to the 8th, 368 were made available) and 550 eligible ones.

In a first phase, 20 thousand vouchers, of 1600 euros each (1300 euros plus VAT), will be delivered so that needy families can improve the energy efficiency of their homes, such as heating or reducing electricity consumption. The investment is around 32 million euros until 31 December.


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