More right than the police allow (

Until recently, the assumption that the police might have a problem with right-wing extremists was just as absurd as the assumption that shackled asylum seekers could set themselves on fire with a lighter in a prison cell. But after the last raid by and among police officers in North Rhine-Westphalia, it is clear that one or the other brown sheep could frolic among police officers.

Certainly, one must not prejudge anyone, because the evidence is still very thin. According to all that has been heard so far, among other things Hitler pictures were shared in chat groups. But if the mere publication of portraits of Hitler would be a criminal offense, then no “Spiegel” employee would be likely to be at large. You have to be very precise and meticulous when evaluating the chat history. You should also pay attention to the context! Police officers in particular are notorious for their ambiguous meta-level humor.

Andreas Koristka is editor of the satirical magazine »Eulenspiegel«.

Photo: nd / Camay Sungu

Could one or the other statement, which is ostensibly right-wing extremist, simply be a satirical distortion? Does police chief Max Mustermann really write that one should gass up all Kanaks, or is it rather a fictional figure he has devised that is supposed to shake up, provoke and stimulate thought? So the real question is: what did the cops want to express? Not every “Sieg Heil!” Is always meant as it appears at first glance, and a swastika can also have a completely new meaning next to a puke smiley. The evaluation of the chat history is therefore not only a matter for the public prosecutor’s office, but also one of literary studies.

But even if it should ultimately emerge that the content of the blown chat groups was only solid right-wing radicalism – that would not prove anything! The Minister of the Interior of North Rhine-Westphalia, Herbert Reul, stated that one could no longer speak only of “individual cases”. But it is still not enough to start with a structural problem.

This finding helps when considering the situation. What is certain is that most officials have never smacked into the records of supposedly leftists and then sent them death threats by letter. And even if this happens now and then, one cannot speak of a structural problem in this context. Strictly speaking, this would only exist if the police had been directly subordinated to a newly appointed “Reichsführer SS”. Everything else is unstructural pipifax. You have to do a little something against him, but you can’t subordinate other serious problems to him. Or to put it another way: The fight against extremists in the police force must not be limited to the right.

Who would be served if Nazis were fought hard, but those officials who distribute Mao Bibles or organize K-groups in their spare time were left completely undisturbed? Well, for the moment everything seems to be under control in this regard and the vast majority of officials do not sympathize with autonomous squatters. But the situation can change quickly. Resist the beginnings! History teaches us that a socialist revolution must never again emanate from German patrol cars! This is not the only reason why Horst Seehofer would do well to leave the guard in the village and continue to oppose a racism study by the police. You have to trust the officials sometimes. They won’t be more racist than Horst Seehofer himself.