Health authorities in Belgium are concerned about the increase in the number of corona patients admitted to hospitals.

An average of 23 patients a day are added, almost double compared to a week earlier. There are now 232 patients in a hospital, 49 of whom are in intensive care.

The number of infections is also increasing further. On average, 328 people are infected every day, 70 percent more than a week earlier.

‘We can still turn the tide in Belgium’

“The current situation is worrying,” Boudewijn Catry of the National Crisis Center said at a news conference today. “We can turn the tide. Don’t look for loopholes to get around the rules. Limit your contacts. The number of infections should decrease as soon as possible. ”

As of today, residents of Belgium are only allowed to have close contact with five other people besides their housemates. That measure applies for at least a month. Previously, the social bubble could consist of fifteen people, who were also allowed to change weekly. The number of allowed attendees at (sports) events has halved to one hundred indoors and two hundred outdoors. Belgians are advised to wear a face mask everywhere where it is not possible to keep a sufficient distance.

Curfew and mouth mask obligation

The situation has deteriorated most in the province of Antwerp. There a curfew will take effect tonight between 11.30 pm and 6.00 am, if that measure can be legally closed in the course of today. Catering establishments must close at 11 pm. A mouth mask is mandatory in all busy places. The Netherlands has issued negative travel advice for the province.

A photo of Mark Rutte on a corona visit to Angela Merkel
Prime Minister Mark Rutte visited Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel this month to speak about corona and European money. Photo: ANP / Bart Maat

German study: 1 in 5 corona patients died in hospital

One in five people who ended up in hospital with corona in Germany did not survive the virus infection. That has been shown by a study among ten thousand patients.

They were admitted to one of the 920 German hospitals between February 26 and April 29. More than half (53 percent) of the 1,700 people who received respiration did not survive. Ultimately, 16 percent of the patients who were not ventilated died. According to the researchers, this is the first national analysis of the completed hospital admissions in connection with corona.

Severe course of the disease

“The high mortality rates clearly show that a relatively high number of people with a severe course of the disease were treated in hospitals,” said the institute chief who conducted the study. According to him, it was mainly older people and people who already had other health problems.

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Corona care in Belgium: more patients in the hospital