More on the Nintendo Switch title Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Nintendo Switch players can look forward to Kirby and the Forgotten Land be happy. Nintendo has announced the game, read more here!

Over Kirby and the Forgotten Land

It’s been quite a while since Kirby received a major title. The current trailer shows a handful of things included in the game, like a town of Waddle Dee NPCs and a fight between Kirby and Meta Knight. While Kirby and the Forgotten Land has a lot going for it, perhaps the best thing about the trailer is the confirmation that the game includes a co-op mode. Because 2021’s It Takes Two (on our review) highlighted how fun co-op titles can be when players don’t have the same skillset.

Co-op gameplay is shown in the trailer, with Kirby controlling his force duplication abilities, while the Waddle Dee has powers all centered around the spear he wields. This asymmetrical design of having two characters with different powers can also help give less experienced players the opportunity to learn the game’s systems as Kirby. The Waddle Dee won’t be able to take care of everything given the difference in skills. Speaking of abilities, there are two new powers – the Digging power, which allows Kirby to dig underground, and the Ranged power, which allows him to target a distant enemy.

More info about the game

This game introduces Waddle Dee Town, which acts as a central hub. The town will continue to evolve based on the number of Waddle Dees you save as the game progresses. You will find that various shops will open and then you will be able to enjoy some of the townspeople’s games. Kirby can even help out at the Waddle Dee Cafe. Here you have to prepare customers’ orders quickly to keep them satisfied and aim for a high score. It will be exciting to see what will be added here!

The co-op mode will probably not only be reserved for your own couch. There’s also a mention of “online interactivity,” noted by the Australian Rating Board last year, as Nintendo Switch Online subscribers can see stats about the game from across the community. We will see what this looks like at launch. By the way, Kirby will be turning 30 in 2022, and Nintendo has created a special wallpaper for it. What is left to say? Soon it’s time: Kirby and the Forgotten Land launches at full price on March 25, 2022 for Nintendo Switch.


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