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Riot Games aims to increase durability in LoL to achieve less damage. Various changes will be applied from patch 12.10 to go in this direction.

On League of Legends, many veteran players have noticed a trend for many years that has increased champion damage at the expense of survivability. This phenomenon dubbed “power creep”, in which champions do more and more damage quickly, could nevertheless be coming to an end.

Riot Games has announced that they want to break away from this route by gradually increasing the durability of champions. Changes to move in this direction will begin in patch 12.10, scheduled for Wednesday, May 25, 2022.

What changes will be made to LoL to reduce damage?

The objective will therefore be increase the durability of all champions, so that the damage is distributed more over the duration and less over the burst of a few moments. They explain : “Devs and players agree, damage is currently too high in League. Sure, it’s fun to do a lot of damage, but we think increasing the defensive stats of champions will be beneficial to allow players to show off their skills, giving them more opportunities to counter to experience highlights. »

To accomplish this, Riot All Champions will gain the following stats starting in patch 12.10:

  • +70 base HP
  • +14 HP per level
  • +1.2 Armor per level
  • +0.8 Magic Resistance per level
  • Totaling 308 HP, 20.4 Armor and 13.6 MR at level 18

Other changes are also planned to balance this massive change to League of Legends systems. The stated objectives are as follows:

  • Players will feel like their champions deal and take less damage.
  • Burst champions will need to dedicate more resources or have a bigger lead to get a quick kill.
  • Opportunity larger cons windows.
  • Fights and skirmishes will last longer.

For more details on the subject, do not hesitate to go to read the full post which has been published on the subject (source). Vandiril also has a video (source) which gives details of the various changes.

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