The airline Sunrise Airways has just announced that its flights from the capital of Haiti and the Dominican Republic to Cuba are now on sale. He also announced what his baggage policy would be for connections to the island that are preferably used for shopping tourism.

The route between Cuba and Haiti, according to the company’s website, would begin on December 7, between the Port-au-Prince terminal and the “José Martí” International in Havana. It would leave Haiti at 9:15 a.m. and land in Cuba at 11:30 a.m., with just over two hours of flight time.

The cost of a single ticket would start at 26,000 Haitian gourdes, the equivalent of more than 260 US dollars. Apparently the flights from Haiti to the International Airport “Antonio Maceo” in Santiago de Cuba could also be activated by Sunrise from next December.

While the flights to the Dominican Republic by Sunrise, are also agreed for the same day, December 7, from the Cuban capital to Santo Domingo. I would leave Havana at one in the afternoon arriving in Quisqueya around 5:45 in the afternoon, with just over 3 hours of flight. This flight makes a stopover in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

The ticket to the Dominican Republic from Havana through Sunrise in December 2021, would be going out at more than 340 US dollars, only on the way. The generality indicates that a round trip ticket would cost about 700 dollars.


The Instagram channel of the Haitian company specified in its stories what Sunrise’s luggage policy would be. According to this information to the island in your airline will be able to move: two pieces of 15 kilos maximum, four pieces of 15 kilos each, 60 in total or eight pieces of 15 kilos, 120 in total.

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In addition, the airline also explains the conditions to fly to the island in current times. With the elimination of mandatory isolation and the request for PCR upon entry. It can be accessed with the vaccination passport that exists in many countries, including Cuban vaccines of course.

For tourists who vacation in hotels, there will be a particular monitoring 24 hours a day in said hotel accommodation. All Sunrise details on flights to Cuba from Haiti and the Dominican Republic can be found here.

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