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In the new YouTube Music playlists UI, all buttons appear on a single line, and the shuffle button is gone.

YouTube Premium is a paid service through which you can watch all YouTube videos without ads and in the background and enjoy all the content of the Korean giant’s music streaming platform, YouTube Music.

From time to time, the Mountain View-based company updates the YouTube Music app with new features such as playing music in the background for free and now, we have just learned, thanks to the Phone Arena medium, that the latest one is a redesign of its user interface that makes it more colorful and much more practical.

YouTube Music is updated with a redesign of its user interface

This is the new YouTube Music user interface

Recently, a French Reddit user posted a post on the YouTube Music subreddit in which he shared a screenshot of his Galaxy Taba A7 revealing Google’s new music streaming service user interface design.

As you can see in said image, which we leave you below these lines, this redesign only appears in the playlists, in which, from now on, you will be able to see the name of the person who created the playlist and the day it was created just above the cover of it.

youtube music redesign-1

This is what the new YouTube Music playlists UI looks like on Android

Other changes that come with this new playlist design are that download, add to library, play, share, and menu icons appear on a single line just below the name and description of the playlist, something that makes all these buttons much more accessible and that shuffle button disappears.

In addition, this new interface puts more emphasis on cover art for songs in the playlist.

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This redesign of the YouTube Music playlists interface is still under development and we don’t know if it will remain a mere test or if it will finally will eventually come to all sections of the Google Music app, like albumsand all users of the YouTube Music mobile app.

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