More and more people have trouble making ends meet, three of them tell their story

The purchasing power boom is also reaching food banks and clothing distribution points. It is becoming busier there, the Poverty Fund noted earlier today. The group of poorer people who have been knocking on the door for help for some time now is joined by people who can no longer make ends meet due to the price increases.

We spoke to three of them.

Hunger and less pleasant life

Tineke van der Gaag from Castricum has been joining the clothing and food bank for three months. “It gets more expensive every day: the paracetamol is 20 cents more expensive, for a tenner you can no longer get groceries for a few days and I am losing more and more for the petrol from my moped. All those little bits add up and now come I lack.”

It would be difficult without help, she says: “Then I would be hungrier, have less clothes and also have a less pleasant life. It’s just that helping hand that you can use. You know there is food in the cupboard and that also makes you happier.”

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