Montpellier: students from La Providence revive the memory of the hairy

On May 19, an exhibition and a dedicated buffet were organized within the establishment by the students of one of the two “defense” classes in the school.

This Thursday, May 19 at the end of the afternoon at La Providence college, an animation took place around the exhibition “Eat like a hairy”, an event carried out by the students of the “defense” class. Personalities and veterans of the world of defense attended the presentation of the check from the National André-Maginot Federation, in support of the actions carried out by the class and coordinated by their history teacher, Corinne Cendres.

La Providence is the only school in Montpellier to have two “defense” classes. They work, two hours a week, in partnership with the military institution. Thus, with the 2nd Foreign Infantry Regiment of Nîmes, students are introduced to military life (assault course, shooting, etc.). Then with the National Gendarmerie and this year, they were in contact with the canine platoon and with crime scene specialists. The students are volunteers, selected from four classes, after reviewing their cover letter.

The memorial journeys organized in Alsace and in the Meuse complete the research work carried out during the year on a given theme.

Hairy dishes revisited

Thus, the class accomplishes the duty of memory necessary around the First World War and, through knowledge of the military institution, the army-Nation link is tightened. The theme this year was entitled: “Eat like a hairy”. It was in particular a question of the soldier’s ration, its insufficiency (this one will increase during the conflict from 1,800 to 3,200 calories), the importance of food and its adjuvants (in particular wine, absent from the rations in 1914 and up to 1 liter per day in 1918).

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Thanks to the archives stripped by the students of Corinne Cendres, a concrete, raw world has emerged. The military personalities, the representatives of the veterans welcomed this work carried out and welcomed the involvement of Mrs. Vandevorde, director of the establishment. A check presentation from the André Maginot Federation followed.

After the speeches, the time has come to enjoy the buffet prepared for the occasion. And on which appeared hairy dishes revisited by the students.



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