Monthly Horoscope August 2022 – Ditjes & Datjes

It’s time for a new monthly horoscope. Are you curious what the stars have in store for you? Read it in the monthly horoscope of August!


A new era is dawning, Leo! It would be wise to let everything run its course a bit more. You simply cannot get a handle on all the events in life and for many events the blueprint is already written before you were born. Trust that everything is going as it should and say your goals out loud through affirmations. Everything that is, you have created yourself. That also applies to everything that is missing.


Thoughts can become reality, so let go of doom-mongering. Dare to be carefree and confident. There will be more balance in your life without you trying hard to get it done. One of the laws of the universe is: attract what you want. Let your wishes manifest. The stars predict a change in your life. Grab the opportunities that come with both hands. You will have no regrets!


Keep a close eye on the scale during this period. Not only in terms of your weight, but also in terms of your mental stability. Healthy food is also an important part of mental health. Take as many vitamins as possible and exercise regularly, but don’t sweat it. Your body has nothing to do with it, it just costs you a lot of energy and strength. It’s about the easy flowwhich you have the most.


How hard have you been working lately! Are caring for others, but tend to forget about yourself. Now it is time to pay more attention to yourself. Slow down in time, feed your body fruits and vegetables and cut out carbohydrates as much as possible. Go out with people you like to have around you. Meditate a few times a week to stay in your power.

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What a positive power you have! There is no such thing as pessimism for you. This is the perfect time to tackle tasks that you dread. This month is all about personal development and feeling the deeper layer in your soul. The result will be that you will become more balanced and people around you will see that. Trust your inner strength and go for it, fearlessly.


You get a chance to prove yourself. However, do not set the bar too high, but realize that it is sufficient to achieve your goal. Also, don’t lose sight of your family and friends. They are a valuable addition to life and ensure that attention is not only focused on work or study. They make your life worth living, numbers hardly do that. They are just cold and chilly.


A long-lost friendship is spontaneously revived. Coincidence does not exist and therefore you can also derive a deeper meaning from it. You may be allowed to go through old emotional issues again and then look at them with more distance and thus close with satisfaction. No matter what comes up, allow it and learn from it. Then you can go into the future with less ballast.


Your otherwise rich creativity may be a bit disappointing. Where you are otherwise limitlessly optimistic, you are perplexed by powerlessness this time. Realize that there is something positive to be gained from every situation. You can also decide to fly differently. Don’t be too anxious to leave behind something that isn’t good at its core. Do demons from your past haunt you? Regression therapy can be a good way to help you.

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Finally there is a shot in a situation that you are already tired of. The time for personal growth has come. You will surprise yourself by making different choices. Let go of the past and set new goals to work towards. That can sometimes feel a bit lonely and especially vulnerable, as if you are naked on a stage. But look at it more intelligently and put your feelings into perspective. There is still much to learn once you have overcome this hurdle.


Ambition will be rewarded this late summer, your efforts to change and move forward will pay off. Although you may not always have that belief: when the time is right, change will come. Once the step has been taken, your insecurity will naturally disappear. You will have the chance to set course and will often find that your guides from ancient times will come to the rescue. They support you in your spiritual journey.


Like having wings on your heels. This is how you tumble through life this month. It is the ideal time to pursue your ideals, for you will see much accomplished. The universe has heard from you loud and clear what you desire in your deepest core, and because you are on the right course, you will find hearing. Still need a little extra positive energy? Place gems and/or minerals in the moonlight overnight and carry the stone with you during the day.


This time is ideal for slowing down and taking a closer look at your life. Where is your heart? What expectations and desires do you have? And: how can you let your soul be heard more? Any choice made from a deep conviction that it belongs to you will be the right one. Even if it may not turn out the way you expected at first. See the deeper layer, the lesson that may be learned and that contributes to reaching your final destination.

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