“Montana pa nan dilatwa ak pesonn! “, denounces the Montana group, compared to the mock negotiation of André Michel, Ariel Henry and Edmonde Supplice

André Michel, Edmonde Beauzile, Ariel Henry prove that it is indeed a sham negotiation with Montana-Pen, suggests BSA

Saturday, July 30, 2022, (( – As Haiti continues its descent into hell, note the Catholic Bishops, the PHTK-SDP-Fusion-MTV coalition is launching a sham negotiation under the pretext that they too, the members of the “outdated” September 11 agreement, are affected by misery and insecurity, the daily lot of Haitians.

The Pen-Montana Agreement Monitoring Office (BSA), which finally seems to have understood the game of power, indicated that it had noted that “gouvènman anplas la ak alye l yo pa deside fè dyalòg politik serye pou debloke kriz grav peyi a” , noting that “the suffering of the country is none of their business”.

For BSA who hastened to enter into dialogue with the de facto PM, Dr Ariel Henry, at his request and at each international event to come, “Se sa yo vle selman ki dwe nan diskisyon”.

A way of emphasizing that this team in power cannot dialogue without the approval of foreign tutors, “those who caused the crisis”, denounced for his part Dr. Josué Renaud of NEHRO.

“Montana pa nan dilatwa ak peson!” “Concludes BSA, standing out from the sham negotiation of Edmonde Beauzile, André Michel, Josué Pierre Louis and Ariel Henry.

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