Montana Brown reveals Mike’s last message before the suicide

For Montana Brown, the mourning for her late friend Mike Thalassitis (✝26) remains a constant companion. In March 2019, her ex-Love Island comrade surprisingly committed suicide and was found in a London park. The two had been friends long after meeting on the UK version of the reality format. Now the model has revealed what is in Mikes last text message before his suicide.

Visited the day after his death Montana his parents’ house with a group of his friends, and one of them revealed that Mike had sent him a message just hours before he died. Across from The Sun Montana revealed its content: “‘Buddy, I don’t think I’ll see you again. I don’t think I’ll ever see you again. ‘ And his friend didn’t understand – and why should he? It is not common for someone to tell you something like that. “

Has in the past Montana especially social media for Mikes Blamed death. “You internet trolls are to blame that people feel bad and develop extreme insecurities “, she addressed common haters on the Internet shortly after the tragic event.

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Mike Thalassitis at a premiere in London, 2018
Montana Brown im Juni 2018
Mike Thalassitis, TV-Star