A real miracle. A video published by the English tabloid’s website Daily Mail shows the exact moment when an unsuspecting pedestrian, crossing thoughtfully pedestrian crossing at a crossroads, he literally sees himself brushing against death.

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The images come from Indianapolis and date back to October 17th. We are at the intersection of 82nd Street and Hague Road, the daschcam (the on-board camera placed on the dashboard and mandatory for insurance reasons in many countries of the world) captures what happens at a traffic light. A driver turns red and collides with another vehicle.

Disaster at the traffic light, pedestrian “pardoned”: watch the video of the accident

The impact is very violent, the consequences dramatic: the first car literally flies in the air, rears up after the collision, and lands on a third car not initially involved in the rear-end collision. In those few, precise moments, a middle-aged gentleman is calmly crossing the street, with the green. Only the terrifying sound of the crash behind him makes him realize that something dramatic is happening a few meters away from him.

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Not even time to turn around and an out of control car touches him, literally. A slower step or a few centimeters to his left would have been enough and the man would have been run over by the metal sheets that have become a mad bullet. The overwhelmed vehicle ended up on the side of the roadway where the pedestrian was still crossing, landing on the hood of a white Jaguar SUV that was stopped at the traffic lights. A disastrous ripple effect.

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