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Monica Lewinsky says the #MeToo movement has changed her vision of the Clinton relationship

"When we started dismantling that, I started to look at my own situation and start asking questions differently."

Ms. Lewinsky now said "100%" that her relationship with Mr. Clinton was an abuse of power, not only at the time, but as a result.

"There is no doubt for me on many levels," she said. "[But] the consent is really complicated, I can say in general that it was not a sexual assault, I was not forced to do anything, I did not have the impression that if I did not do something, I would lose my job.

"But I also think that there is a nuanced place where we start to examine the consent so as to understand and say," Well, with the power differential, with the difference in age, account due to a number of different factors, the consent made theoretical?

"I started unpacking all this last year … I think we're asking these questions now and I do not think we're done with the answers."

Lewinsky, 46, said the amount of changes #MeToo made in a short time was "extraordinary", but it was not yet clear where social norms and expectations would be addressed.

"There was enough momentum, energy and strength for the pendulum to move," she said.

"He is still tipping in. Some people think he may have rocked too much.It will probably end up finding his place, but where he stops, it will be different from what he's doing." he was before, and I'm grateful to be alive at that time to see something like that happen. "

Ms. Lewinsky said that humiliation had become a "commodity" for publishers, especially through online clicks.

"If you step back and start looking at some of the ways that people earn money with what's going on in society, we begin to see that humiliation has become a commodity and a It has been valued in ways that did not do so many years ago, "she said.

"It's kind of a catch 22. This unfortunately becomes more delicious – in a wrong way – for our society because we are able to see the flaws of others and we constantly compare our guts to those others.

"The ability to see that people we have on a base is faulty, just like we are, makes us feel better."

Monica Lewinsky is in Australia as a guest of the Center for Ideas of UNSW and Wheeler Center, which she will appear in Sydney as part of UNTHINKABLE Saturday and in Melbourne as part of the Broadside Feminist Sunday Ideas Festival.

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