Monica Geuze receives loads of criticism after election as the most beautiful woman

Last week the prize was passed FHM awarded and Monica had been nervous all day, she says in the video. “I found out that I actually don’t like this kind of thing at all. I really got anxiety in the car, it seemed as if all the blood vessels were bursting. I thought: if I could now press a red button that undoes everything, I would have done it immediately.”

In the end, it wasn’t that bad and she is happy that, on the advice of her lover Robbert, she has stepped out of her comfort zone. “I never want to go to things like this, but afterwards I’m very happy.”

What undoubtedly contributed to this is that she took the win that evening and was labeled the most beautiful woman in our country. “Anyone who knows me a little bit knows that I don’t agree with that, of course. But it’s an honor that I can wear it.”

However, according to Monica, it also has a lesser side. “Then I look at what kind of shit is out there on the internet. Look, tastes will always differ, but apart from that I wonder if it’s normal these days to be so mean.” For example, FHM posted the happy news on Instagram and the criticism poured in underneath. She lists it all, from “favoritism” to “my dog ​​is even more handsome” and “you chose wrong” and “plastic is pretty these days.” Nauseous reactions that, fortunately, Monica does not care much about. “But it’s crazy. You certainly don’t have to agree with the title, but you certainly don’t have to be so mean?”

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She closes by emphasizing that she never wants to make beauty a competition. “And I hope that all women who are on the list, but also women who are not on the list, are mainly very happy with themselves. If you are that on the inside, you radiate that outwards as well. cheesybut I really mean it.”

At the presentation of the FHM election, RTL Boulevard spoke with Monica and Robbert. Watch the interview below:

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