Mónica Ayos turned 50: the story of a sex symbol who built her new life in Mexico

The actress Monica Ayos celebrates its 50 years in a different setting than usual: away from the big television strips and stages. With sporadic participation in the show, she decided to settle in Mexico with her husband Diego Olivera and chose the quiet to pause a frantic race.

The interpreter, who knew how to be a sexual symbol at the time of the 90s and the beginning of the century, she dared to give voice to the domestic violence she suffered from her ex-husband and also became a leader in the fight against mistreatment of women.

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Ayos was born on June 19, 1972 and the family of artists from which he comes shaped his vocation: his parents, Víctor and Mónica, they were stable dancers of the orchestras of the iconic Mariano Mores and Osvaldo Pugliese. Her training in dance and singing, by pure logic, introduced her to the team that integrated the works of the legends and accompanied his family to travel the world.

The beginnings of Mónica Ayos in the show

From the age of 11, the actress was part of the unitary 24 hourspromoted by the theatrical figure Luisa Vehil. There, she made small cameos and was even encouraged to show her talent with dance as the main theme. Quickly, her versatility caused the producers of the most important programs on Argentine television to cast their eyes on her.

In 1995, hand in hand with William Francellathe actress was summoned to The family Welcomewhile showing off her beauty in several cycles that were broadcast after midnight and that always bordered on comedy. The model also said present in some episodes of Angry doll and began to be recognized by the public.

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Monica Ayos as Eva Peron, for Drunk History in Mexico (Photo: Instagram / monicaayos).

Posteriorly, She knew how to stand out as a star with Nito Artaza and Miguel Ángel Cherutti in the Buenos Aires magazine, but decided to abandon that facet to dedicate himself fully to the small screen and to the cinema. His qualities allowed him to stand out immediately: She was nominated twice for best actress at the Martín Fierro for his work in Love in custody (2005) y You’re my life (2006); and in the revelation category for the Silver Condor Awardfor the movie three of hearts (2007).

In addition, Ayos was on the cover of various editions of the magazines Gente y Caras and was cover of Playboy in August 2006. One of the most renowned interpretations of him was that of Eva Peron in the work Eve and Victoriadirected by China Zorrilla.

Monica has lived in Mexico with her family for 11 years (Photo: File).
Monica has lived in Mexico with her family for 11 years (Photo: File).

At the beginning of the last decade, made his first trip to Mexico after signing a contract with Televisa to perform the role of villain in the remake of Crystal, triumph of love. However, that journey in Aztec lands was driven by a job offer that received the great love of his life, the Argentine actor Diego Olivera.

Mónica Ayos: from the assembled family to the shocking confession

The history that unites them is long-standing: they met in the early 2000s, when Hugo Moser called them to work together on weddings and more. The model had a seven-year-old son, Federico, the result of a conflictive relationship with Mario, an abusive ex-husband. Despite the difficulties, the interpreters are about to celebrate their 22nd anniversary as a couple.

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Mónica Ayos with Diego Olivera (Photo: File).
Mónica Ayos with Diego Olivera (Photo: File).

“It wasn’t until I felt that warm wind that it clicked; that little summer wind with which one feels that it is really worth taking flight to take risks and embark on a new course, and, perhaps, why not, share the baton. That warm wind in my life was called Diego Olivera, and I rested on it”, recalled the actress in an interview.

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In 2002, after establishing a stepfamily and moving into the same apartment, They decided to say yes. Two years later, Victoria was born. Already established in Mexico, the couple has a house in Miami and, from time to time, returns to Argentina to participate in a project. Last year, Ayos embodied Yuyito González for the series Maradona, blessed dreamwhose recording took place in Naples and which premiered on the platform Amazon Prime Video.

Diego Olivera and Ayos had Victoria, 18 years old.  Federico was the result of a previous relationship between her mother and Mario, who abused her and beat her repeatedly.
Diego Olivera and Ayos had Victoria, 18 years old. Federico was the result of a previous relationship between her mother and Mario, who abused her and beat her repeatedly.

The actress who turns 50, at the same time, was encouraged to break the silence and recounted, in 2018, the ordeal she went through with her ex-husband Mario, who beat her while she was pregnant with Francisco and raped her repeatedly: “I thought he was going to change. I thought I could lose my son, I did not have medical coverage, it was a difficult birth and I was hospitalized for a long time.

Mónica Ayos and a high voltage post.  (Photo: Instagram/monicaayos).
Mónica Ayos and a high voltage post. (Photo: Instagram/monicaayos).

Shortly after, the model stated that the man committed suicide four years after their separation and recounted the reasons why he decided to speak: “I am part of that group of women who once felt weak, who took strength and were able to escape from that ugly situation. It’s good that we’re more awake.”

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