Mondial de l’auto 2022 – The strange tires of Emmanuel Macron’s DS 7

The President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron came to the Paris Motor Show to observe the main novelties of the show. Unsurprisingly, he arrived in the back of his special DS 7, a model that officially enters service on July 14 as part of the national parade.

President Macron’s DS 7 would have around 5,000 kilometers on the clock

The perfect opportunity to get a closer look at the Presidential hybrid SUV during his visit, parked in the rain in front of Hall 4 along with some other Presidential escort vehicles. A DS 7 that is strictly identical to the restyled model launched this summer and replaces the old DS 7 Crossback. With a few details: the wheelbase of this special copy lengthened by 20 centimeters, giving maximum space to its rear passenger, not quite like the others, but also the armor and the few style elements that emphasize its presidential function.

The presidential DS 7 benefits from an extended wheelbase of 20 centimeters
The presidential DS 7 benefits from an extended wheelbase of 20 centimeters

And Nankang brand tires too. Yes, the President of the Republic’s official car is equipped with Taiwanese tires, not particularly known for their performance. So why aren’t Michelin and other brands usually found as original equipment on this kind of model? DS communicators refuse to inform us on the subject. “State secret”, we explain within the manufacturer bound by a confidentiality agreement with the Elysée.

Here are the very special Nankang tires of the Presidential DS 7
Here are the very special Nankang tires of the Presidential DS 7

A weighty argument

According to our information, the tire in question from Nankang is a bit special, specifically designed for uses such as that of an armored vehicle. Its structure must also be able to withstand external aggressions better and the tire probably benefits from a “runflat” function to roll flat. These special tires from Nankang will perfectly meet the specifications of the Elysée in terms of safety, even if it inevitably compromises the performance of the vehicle. It also seems that Michelin is currently working on a product compatible with these specifications, just to be able to equip the president’s car soon.

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5000 kilometers on the clock

According to our information, this presidential DS 7 currently shows 5,000 kilometers on the odometer. And this copy would actually be the old DS 7 Crossback of the president (already strong with a long wheelbase) whose body panels were replaced by those of the current DS 7. This includes the rechargeable hybrid engine in its 300 horsepower version.



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