Mondelez very ambitious for Philadelphia in …

With 8% of market share in value in the category of fresh spreads for adults (+ 9% from 2010 to 2012), and more than 4 million consumer households, the European leader in the segment wants to strengthen its innovative brand image and double its market share in 3 years. To achieve its objectives, Philadelphia intends to activate levers and develop the frequencies of consumers such as breakfast, like our European neighbors. In this strategy of winning over new consumers, Philadelphia set up an ephemeral sandwich bar in Paris from June 5 to 9.

“France is a success”

If France represents only 3% of Philadelphia’s sales in Europe, the brand plans to allocate 15% of total European media investment. “For the time being, France remains a small country but it has been a real success,” said Chrystel Barranger, president of the Philadelphia cheese category in Europe. In the space of two years, Philadelphia has become the main contributor to the growth of the segment (+ 7% in value in 2012) and has thus forced the other players in the category to innovate with dynamic offensive strategies. After arriving on the original Philadelphia Milka reference in 2012, the brand will launch a new gourmet and less acidic recipe in September 2013 and has just offered an individual portion format (17gr x 6) on nature, garlic and herbs, and milka. In its strategy of development of consumption, breakthroughs could take place on the use of the product in salads or on culinary sauces as in Great Britain or even co-branding with the alliance of Tuc and Philadelphia as in Italy .