Monday: Telegram with subscription model, purchase bonus for electric cars before cancellation

The messenger of the same name has introduced its new subscription model under the name “Telegram Premium”. This should be interesting for frequent users, because the functionalities for normal users are retained and will be further expanded. The Federal Minister of Finance wants to cancel the purchase bonus for electric cars, even for pre-orders in the waiting period. Lindner speaks of misguided subsidies and wants to comply with the debt brake again in 2023. For this, another type of support is being discussed, whether rising gas prices, as an incentive to save gas – the most important reports in a nutshell.

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The messaging service Telegram has its recently announced payment model introduced. With “Telegram Premium” For a few dollars a month, users get subscription features like faster downloads and twice the size of file uploads. At the same time, Telegram emphasizes that none of the previous functions will be restricted. However, Telegram Premium is not yet available for users from Germany: Telegram Premium for 5 US dollars per month is a new subscription model for Messenger.

Federal Finance Minister Christian Lindner wants Abolish purchase premiums for electric cars. “We simply can no longer afford misdirected subsidies,” said the FDP leader: “If it’s up to me, for example, they will Purchase premiums for electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids abolished.” With this, the federal government is supposed to Comply with the debt brake again in 2023. Lindner wants to prioritize projects. At the beginning of July, the cabinet wants to decide on the draft budget: Lindner wants to cancel the purchase premium for electric cars, even for pre-orders.

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Should households that frugal with gas evade, bonuses to get? That’s an idea in the Energy saving debate. From the Federal Network Agency’s point of view, the situation remains tense. Your boss says: Russia wants to drive up prices. As an incentive to save energy in view of severely curtailed gas supplies from Russia, politicians and economists have Consumer Rewards brought into play. These should apply to households that use gas sparingly: gas prices are rising – experts are calling for further incentives to save.

Of the Cryptocurrency Market does not come to rest. On Saturday the prices of many digital stocks continued to collapse. The value of one Bitcoin fell as low as $18,690 on trading platform Bitfinex on Saturday morning. That was about ten percent less than the day before. The price for one Ether fell as low as $973. A bitcoin costs as little as it did at the end of 2020, the ether price was last so low at the beginning of 2021. Some reasons are of a more short-term nature – others are not: Crypto market collapses again and Bitcoin falls below 20,000 US dollars.

After complications with her first pregnancy, a woman in the US opted for a clinical study registered at which they die DNA-Proben had to submit by herself and her parents. As it progressed, this encouraged a case of fertility scam out in the open With help of a DNA analysis service for genealogical research the woman found out that her biological father actually the her mother’s doctor was: Online DNA test convicted fertility doctor.

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