Monastery Megen focuses on sustainability, ‘so that generation after generation can live here’

The sister sums up what they have already done to make the monastery sustainable for future generations of sisters: “We have installed many LED lamps. The attic floor, which is also the ceiling of many bedrooms, is insulated. We have insulated many windows. We are in the process of transitioning to electric, we use solar panels and want to get rid of gas.”

The abbess says it is important that the monastery is not worn out. “Not depleting the soil and food supply, and keeping track of generations.” The sisters are also active on social media and have a shop where they sell monastic products.

‘A home for young people’

Many sisters have lived here in the past. In a long white corridor there are lists with the names and dates of entry of all women who have officially been sisters in the monastery. “Here you have the first 23, which came from Boxtel”, says Holleboom. On the list is the year 1721. And all the way across the hall, the second to last list, is the name of Sister Angela Holleboom herself.

Holleboom says that he is regularly involved in making the monastery attractive for new arrivals. “What we can do is make sure that young people feel at home here. That also means keeping the monastery sustainable and up to date.”

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