Mom Hangs 3 Year Old Daughter From Balcony To Punish Her, Before Dropping Her To Death

In a shocking video, we can hear the cries of a child named Anastasia. “Mom, I’m scared”, begs the little girl before having a fatal fall from 15 meters … According to Life News, Anna Ruzankina, the 23-year-old mother, then comes to look for her dead daughter to bring her back to the apartment on the sixth floor.

A witness, who can be seen in the video, said to have heard the cries of the child before hearing a thud. It was there that he found the little girl bleeding on the floor.

According to reports, the mom allegedly hung the little girl by holding her by her t-shirt over the void to punish her. The garment would then have torn. It appears that Anna Ruzankina was coming back from a nightclub at the time of the incident and that she was drunk.

The mother was taken into custody on suspicion of killing a helpless minor. She faces up to 21 years in prison.


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