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GOES, Netherlands, April 12 /PRNewswire/

As part of the global effort to combat monkeypox, a novel and rapid typing method for detecting monkeypox virus strains has been developed by the Dutch company Molecular Biology Systems (MBS) in collaboration with the Department of Medical Microbiology and Infection Prevention at the Amsterdam UMC and researchers at the Danish Rigshospitalet. This new method is not only fast, but also allows multiple samples to be analyzed at the same time. In this way, monkeypox virus genetic characterization can be used for source and contact analysis and help determine the interventions of choice. Analyzing multiple samples simultaneously lowers the cost per sample, meaning you get more insight for the same cost. There is a photo here:

The method was first tested in the Amsterdam region; this led to new insights into the genetic diversity of the monkeypox virus. This method was used when investigating the infection of the first child in the Netherlands. The characterization of the mutations in the child’s virus was compared to other monkeypox viruses in the region. The investigations into this case and the chain of infection are described in a publication dated July 21, 2022 in the widely read specialist journal Euro Surveillance. No connection with other cases could be determined on the basis of source and contact analyses. There may be more undetected infections than previously thought.

(Euro Surveillance publication

An important bonus of this newly developed typing method is that it can also be used for other viruses. Early integration of this technique with source and contact monitoring can provide earlier insight into the spread of novel viruses. This enables fast, concrete and accurate action.

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This is in line with the WHO strategy for global surveillance of viruses, particularly monkeypox. Second Meeting of the International Health Regulations (2005) (IHR) Emergency Committee on Transnational Monkeypox Outbreak (

Several leading international laboratories have announced their intention to use this method for the genomic surveillance of monkeypox.

Über Molecular Biology Systems

Molecular Biology Systems, BV, founded in 2015, is a molecular biology solutions company based in the Netherlands. Our NextGenPCR thermal cycler uses patented technology to reduce PCR amplification from hours to minutes. NextGenPCR, the PCR technology of the future, now available.


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