Modify law to recover vehicles in custody of authorities in a maximum of 90 days

Modify law to recover vehicles in custody of authorities in a maximum of 90 days

The deputies approved the modification of the Law of Return or in Public Auction of Motor Vehicles or Automotive Parts, Kidnapped or Confiscated, in order to reduce the time for a judge to determine what process must be followed with the cars that are in judicial deposit or administrative, because they were part of an investigation or were involved in accidents.

The parliamentarians decided to update the regulation, since it has never been modified since it came into force in 2004.

“Now, the term that people will have to claim their seized vehicles will be respected. We are complying with the country,” said legislator Christian Guevara, who assured that abandoned vehicles could be removed.

Once the admitted updates come into effect, the times will be shortened (from 12 months to 90 days) for a person to claim a vehicle or automotive parts in deposit, seized or placed at the disposal of a judicial authority, after having lifted the legal restrictions for the return of said goods. The judge must notify (in a maximum of 30 days) the legitimate owners who come to remove them. If that deadline is not met, the vehicle will be sold at public auction.

The proceeds from the sale of these assets will be used to pay the costs of the procedure, the taxes, duties, rates or fines owed and the expenses incurred for their conservation or deposit. If there is a surplus, it will enter as Foreign Funds in Custody for three months. After that period, if no one came forward to claim it, it will go to the General Fund of the Nation.

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The funds obtained from the auction of the vehicles are used by the State to carry out investment works in favor of the population.

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