Moderna prepares to test an AIDS mRNA vaccine

The company of biotechnology Modern will soon start a phase 1 clinical trial for a vaccine To MRNA anti-HIV. Moderna hopes to recruit 56 participants who are not infected with the retrovirus to test two different formulas.

Both formulas contain a ARN messenger who codes for a piece of the virus du Sida. The first code for eOD-GT8 60mer, a protein envelope already identified as being the target ofantibody neutralizers. The second encodes another constituent envelope protein, Core-g28v2 60mer. The aim is to check whether the injection of this mRNA vaccine intramuscularly stimulates theimmunity and know its potential side effects.

This clinical test, the first of its kind, will be carried out in collaboration with several American universities. It is also funded in part by theInternational AiDS Vaccine Initiative. There is currently no HIV vaccine.



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