Children under the age of five with mild or moderate symptoms of covid-19 could transmit the virus “as much as other age groups,” according to a study published today in the journal Jama, by the American Medical Association, reported EFE.

The team of scientists saw that “children under the age of five with covid-19 have a higher viral load than older children and adults, which may suggest more transmission, as we see with the respiratory syncytial virus,” explained the principal investigator, Taylor Heald-Sargent.

In addition, he considered that “this has important public health implications, especially during the debates on the safety of reopening schools and kindergartens.”

The team analyzed 145 patients with mild to moderate covid-19 in the first week of symptom onset and compared viral load in three age groups, children under 5, children 5 to 17 years old, and adults ages 18 to 65. years.

Children younger than 5 with mild to moderate covid-19 have “much higher levels of genetic material for the virus in the nose compared to older children and adults,” adds the study, which also notes that it is possible that this ability “has not been sufficiently recognized,” given the rapid closure of schools and kindergartens during a pandemic.