“Model on TV set fired after sharing photos Linda de Mol”

Linda de Mol has returned to work after the TVOH scandal. She was spotted on a TV set for the first time last week. Model Raphael Bouman shared a photo with Linda on Instagram, something that cost him dearly. According to sources, he would have lost his job as a result of that action.

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Linda de Mol is currently working on a new TV series that will be shown on SBS6 from September. In it we will see actors Waldemar Torenstra and Daan Schuurmans and model Raphael Bouman. The latter shared a photo with Linda on Instagram when they were on set together.

‘Fun on set with Linda’

“Fun on the set with Linda de Mol”, Raphael wrote with the photo. Presumably the model wanted to show off that he was working on a TV set together with Linda de Mol, but afterwards he probably regrets the action.

Laid off?

Sources report to weekly magazine Story that Raphael is no longer welcome on the set. “Because he published these photos,” explains the source. “And if he sold photos to the media, he would be fined.”

According to the source, the model is “pretty upside down” about it. “Dismayed, because he never meant it that way. He also posted the photos to his private Instagram account, not his models and actors account.”



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