October 12, 2021 – 7:20 PM – Culture


At the end of this year, a short film will be shown around the exciting Videoland series ‘Mocro Mafia’ in which the new character Meltem is introduced.

In the 40-minute short film ‘Mocro Mafia: Meltem’, a new character is introduced before the new season of the series comes out. This is happening for the second time, just before the start of the third season, fans were also able to get acquainted with Komtgoed.

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“The character Meltem is involved in credit card fraud. A business that keeps her under the radar of the police. The Turkish-Dutch woman is smart and thoughtful. Her only weak point is her gambling addict father, who has borrowed money from team Paus”, reports the AD.

Three seasons of the success series Mocro Mafia have now appeared on Videoland. The character Meltem will be seen in the fourth season. The short film will be released this year at Videoland.

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This week also promises to be exciting for the makers and crew of the series, because Thursday evening the Golden Televizier-Ring gala takes place and Mocro Mafia has a chance to win the prestigious golden ring.

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