Mocked after his cosmetic surgery, Laurent Baffie evokes what “he ate in the mouth”

By going to the end of October on the plateau ofWe are live (France 2), Laurent Baffie did not expect to trigger so many reactions from the public. “ People told me that they didn’t recognize me, (…) People, it made them talk. It’s very weird, because I’ve seen hundreds of artists make implants, and I didn’t feel a great deal of emotion there ”, he explained a few days later in TPMP by evoking his installation of hair implants and his cosmetic surgery to get rid of his bags under the eyes.

These changes have earned Laurent Baffie a lot of mockery. But nothing to upset the actor and director. Guest Monday from The original band on France Inter – a meeting presented by Nagui -, Laurent Baffie claimed to have a lot of self-mockery even if some comments may still hurt him. “I think a comedian who doesn’t practice self-deprecation … Look at what I got eaten in my face because I did hair implants. Look what I ate! I had the impression that France was only talking about that. Bah, that made me laugh “, He thus affirmed. Far from taking the fly in the face of comments on his new face, Laurent Baffie even received a new nickname that could have annoyed more than one. He thus revealed that his press officer now called him “ Mr. Ambassador of French cosmetic surgery ». « If we don’t have self-mockery, we shouldn’t be comical and slam people “, he added.

Asked at the beginning of December in Gala, Laurent Baffie had already returned with humor on his passage under the knife. “I have lots of friends in showbiz who have had surgery in the same place as me and who do not talk about it. They all suggested that I shut up. While it became such a media event for me, it made them laugh (…). Maybe what surprised people was that I didn’t have the profile of the guy who was going to do that ”, he confided.

Clara Kolodny

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