Mobile – This wi-fi name causes an annoying bug on the iPhone


A security researcher discovered that a specific name of a Wi-Fi network permanently disabled its connection.

The malfunction no longer allows the wi-fi to be reactivated.

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We cannot be reminded enough to be wary of the wi-fi networks to which we connect our devices, especially if they are public. The personal data that passes through it could be intercepted by malicious people. Another problem, however, awaits holders of an iPhone or iPad if they were to connect to a wi-fi network called “% p% s% s% s% s% n”. This is what security researcher Carl Schou discovered. This particular name causes a rather annoying bug on Apple’s mobile devices. Indeed, they lose wi-fi connectivity permanently, as the specialist shows in a video.

Restarting the device or changing the SSID (wi-fi network name) has no effect. The malfunction prevents the user from reactivating the wi-fi and using the AirDrop service, which allows files to be sent between devices to the apple via a wireless connection. The problem would be related to the characters used, which come from the C programming language.

The only solution to get back on its feet is to perform a complete reset of the device’s network settings (Settings> General> Reset> Reset network settings). Once this has been done, you will unfortunately have to reconnect manually to all personal and trusted Wi-Fi networks by entering the corresponding passwords.