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What can a smartphone cost less than 200 euros?

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Woman using smartphone on the balcony Woman using smartphone on the balcony

A mid-range smartphone can often already meet all the requirements that users place on their device.

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You don’t have to dig deep into your pocket for a good smartphone – a cell phone under 200 euros may also do so. You can see our favorites here in the check.

AYou can also expect good quality from a cell phone under 200 euros. Telephoning, texting, surfing the net as well as photography and filming is also possible with inexpensive devices. Here you can find out what to look for when buying so that you can choose a smartphone with a good price-performance ratio.

Mid-range cell phone: These are available at a low price – the most important information in advance

There are many reasons to buy a cheap cell phone. Perhaps you are also currently looking for an affordable model for beginners or the elderly, or you simply need a replacement smartphone. Inexpensive devices are also a good alternative for everyone who does not want to do without smart technology, but therefore does not want to spend hundreds of euros on high-end products.

But with a cell phone under 200 euros, the most important thing is that the quality has to be right. When testing a new smartphone, for example, you should pay attention to the battery performance. If a slightly less powerful processor is installed, this can have a negative impact on the phone’s response speed, but the battery lasts longer on average. Sufficient memory is also important to be able to store photos, music and videos on it.

Tip: Some devices offer the option of inserting a memory card and thus increasing the gigabyte number.

But don’t expect any miracles from the camera: cheap smartphones under 200 euros are occasionally equipped with quite small image sensors, which is why their images often cannot keep up with current premium products from Huawei or Apple, especially in poor lighting conditions and despite many megapixels. The quality is completely sufficient for snapshots, video telephony and small clips.

Outdoor smartphones: these are real bargains

You don’t want to have your expensive smartphone with you on outdoor adventures, but still want to be reachable? Then outdoor smartphones are particularly suitable, such as the robust Ulefone Armor X3 *: It is waterproof and has a strong cover that offers the device comprehensive protection against falls and bumps. The battery life is three days, so you can always be reached even on longer tours outdoors.

Large cell phone: With a good camera and strong battery

The Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 * is not only cheap, but also particularly large: at 6.3 inches, the phone is almost as large as an iPhone 11 Pro Max *. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 processor, the high-quality main and front camera as well as the powerful battery make the inexpensive, Chinese model a good smartphone for bargain fans who don’t like expensive flagship phones from other providers.

Small smartphones: These are available at a good price

But even a four-inch smartphone for less than 200 euros is definitely worth considering: The Cubot Kingkong Mini * lies well in the hand and could be interesting for those who want to use the device primarily for phone calls and less for reading or texting. With a slightly larger 5-inch display, the Cubot J3 with Dual Sim * is much more comfortable to use. Even small smartphones can convince with their performance.

Samsung phone under 200 euros

There are also some models from Samsung that are already under 200 euros. We recommend the Samsung A10 *, for example, whose 32 GB of memory can be expanded to 512 GB with a MicroSD. The display size is also respectable at 6.2 inches.

The 5.8-inch Samsung A20e * is available at a similar price and, thanks to dual SIM technology, offers great flexibility for anyone who wants to use their phone with multiple SIM cards. Also worth mentioning is the practical quick-charge function and the ultra-wide-angle lens of the main camera – a mid-range smartphone up to 200 euros that is quite impressive.

Cheap mobile phones without a contract under 200 euros

You don’t want to be bound by a cell phone contract? Cheap smartphones are also suitable for you – in most cases they are available without a contract and can therefore be used flexibly. The Umidigi A3 * requires very little memory thanks to the Android 8.1 operating system. The technology bargain thus reacts quickly. The main and front camera can also convince in good lighting conditions.

The Ulefone S1 * is even available for less than 100 euros and can also be used without a contract. It offers reliable face recognition, good speakers, expandable memory and an acceptable main and front camera. Also practical: If the battery weakens, it can be easily replaced.

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This article was first published on January 17, 2020.