It was almost inevitable. After receiving, for three matches, a few days ago the Miami Marlins, affected by nearly twenty positive cases for Covid-19 and since confined in their hotel, the Philadelphia Phillies are in turn confronted with the virus. One of the coaches and an employee of the Philadelphia clubhouse have indeed tested positive, the franchise said in a statement Thursday, adding that “All activity at Citizens Bank Park has been canceled today, and will be until further notice”.

Immediate consequence, the three games of the Philadelphia Phillies against the Toronto Blue Jays, scheduled for Saturday and Sunday at Citizens Bank Park, have been postponed, following the deprogramming at the beginning of the week of the double confrontation against the New York Yankees.

Unlike the NBA and MLS, which have resumed their current season in a ‘bubble’, Major League Baseball (MLB) has kicked off its reduced regular season (from 162 tag team matches to 60) with contested matches. in franchise stadiums, behind closed doors.