MLB: ‘That’s why I’m not playing’: David Price speaks after Covid-19 outbreak in Marlins

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The major league season right now is at a real crossroads after a massive Covid-19 outbreak in the Miami Marlins was unveiled, causing the Orioles-Marlins and Yankees-Phillies to be suspended. At least 11 players have tested positive for the coronavirus and this only shows how easily everything could fall apart without adequate measures.

One of the most renowned players who chose not to play the season due to the risks was David Price of the Los Angeles Dodgers, who through his Twitter account mentioned that exactly because of cases like that of the Marlins, is why decided not to play this year:

Now if we really are going to see if MLB is going to put the health of the players first. Do you remember when Manfred said that the health of the players was the main thing? One of the reasons I am at home right now is because the health of the players was not prioritized. I can see that that has not changed.

So far, following Covid’s outbreak in the Marlins, a baseball player has emerged who has said “no more” to the season and has chosen to leave while already at camp, and that’s the Colorado Rockies reliever Tim Collins. .