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Mixture of genres

Mixture of genres

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Clairvoyant »Renaissance Italy. Bianca, a young girl of good extraction, is due to get married. We find him a good match: Giovanni, prosperous and pleasant merchant. In Bianca’s family, women share a secret. They have a “man’s skin” which allows them to transform into a male. This is good, because the nubile Bianca is very curious about life. By this artifice, she becomes the attractive Lorenzo and goes incognito to meet the nights of her bride. The surprises of size follow one another and Bianca delights in her new body. The excellent Hubert and Zanzim brilliantly question our relationship to gender, morality and sexuality. A subtle fable much less innocent than it seems at first glance. A beautiful album that will mark 2020 for sure. SJ

Hubert / Zanzim, Peau d’Homme, Ed. Glénat.