Dairy processor Emmi has a mixed record four years after setting its sustainability targets to be achieved by 2020. In some areas, ‘greater efforts are needed,’ she wrote in a report released on Monday.

The company’s ambition is to source only sustainably produced milk and it has almost reached its target: 93% of the milk processed by Emmi in Switzerland thus meets the criteria of the ‘swissmilk green’ label. By 2027, the company should extend this objective to its international subsidiaries.

Regarding CO2 emissions, Emmi is close to meeting its target of 25% reduction in emissions compared to 2014, with a reduction of 24% in 2020. By 2027, the target is a 60% reduction for its own emissions and 25% throughout the value chain.

Waste is a more difficult issue and the company has not met its waste reduction target, which was -20% compared to 2017. Progress is slow in recycling and packaging, as in food waste . Despite a drop of 11% worldwide, the volume of wasted food remains higher than the objectives set by the Lucerne company. By 2027, the objective is a 50% reduction in waste compared to 2017 and to have only recyclable packaging.