Mit “Agreement with France to avoid the closure of Mont Blanc”

Mit “Agreement with France to avoid the closure of Mont Blanc”

ROME (ITALPRESS) – Deputy premier and minister Matteo Salvini had a new moment of updating with his French colleague Clèment Beaune on the situation at Frejus. The ministers shared the opportunity to avoid, at least in this phase, the closure of the Mont Blanc Tunnel whose works are scheduled from 4 September to 18 December. So a note from MIT. Salvini reiterated to his colleague “the importance of the Turin-Lyon line”. Just today he brought greetings to the new board of directors of Telt which gave the go-ahead to sign the contract for the construction of the Mont Cenis base tunnel in Italy. This is a contract worth €1 billion. As MIT sources clarify, the agreement between Salvini and his French counterpart is that the Mont Blanc tunnel does not close on Monday. The works will have to be rescheduled regardless of the reopening of Frejus. They will probably be postponed to September 2024. In any case, the formalization of the decision on the White lies with the Intergovernmental Conference which should be held on Monday. According to reports from the French minister, the motorway should reopen, hopefully, by the end of next week, while the railway line will not reopen before October. – photo: Fotogramma Agency – (ITALPRESS).

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