Captures of messages in a WhatsApp group

“Friend, we kidnapped L. and that’s it. We fuck her. We tie it and while we hit them. We whip his tail. We leave them all red. We carry any type of torture machine ”.

This is a fragment of the conversation they had six 14-year-olds from the Roque González de Posadas Catholic school, Misiones, in a private WhatsApp group. They were talking about their classmates. But it was not just a chat. The young women reported that they were groped in class, abused. Less than a month after the fact, most of the defendants have already returned to class while the victims are undergoing psychological treatment and they think about changing schools.

“This is how incredible, horrible and unfair the situation is. Prosecutor Laura Álvarez had requested that the accused virtually end the year but that request was rejected by the judge. The girls’ parents had been told that, equally, they were going to remotely follow the classes for a while but in a few days the men they already returned to the classroom”, They explain from the missionary Justice to graph the situation.

The scandal in the Roque Gonzalez It was unleashed on November 1 when a group of 14-year-old female students decided to perform a sit-down at recess to make visible a situation that had traumatized them for several months: their classmates, of the same age, harassed and allegedly abused them permanently. “They touch our tail in the classroom and take pictures of us under the skirt that they later share in a group,” one of them denounced.

The sit-in of the students that started the judicial proceedings.
The sit-in of the students that started the judicial proceedings.

Hours later they met a series of screenshots of a WhatsApp group made up of at least six of the men in the course where messages of strong content were read, always in reference to their classmates: they talked about abuse, torture and even kidnap girls.

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As a result of this situation, and the arrival of the case to Justice through a complaint by one of the mothers, the prosecutor Alvarez requested that, to protect the victims, the accused end the year virtually So what their enrollment is not renewed for the 2022 school year. This request was rejected by Judge Cesar Jiménez, who faces a political trial against him for his performance in other cases.

Instead of that measure, aimed at protecting minors, the magistrate opted for the accused men to continue with a teaching that combines virtuality and presence. The mothers of the victims complained because It wasn’t what they had been promised at a parents’ meeting. They had been told that their daughters were no longer going to meet minors accused of abuse, unimpeachable because of their age.

One of the captures of the WhatsApp group that the Justice analyzed.
One of the captures of the WhatsApp group that the Justice analyzed.

“They told us that the boys were going to finish school virtually and that they were not going to sanction them. It seemed fine to us but later we found out that they changed the decision and that they are going to school before the year ends”Said Belén, the mother who made the complaint.

That judge’s decision materialized last Thursday. Half of the accused minors returned to the same classroom where their classmates reported the abuse. Many of the minors found out when they saw them walk through the door. The only action the school took was to force them to make a forced apology.

“That day the boys appeared, there were several students who called their parents to go and pick them up because they didn’t even know they were going to show up ”, says one of the mothers at the school.

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Meanwhile, many of the victims who dared to report, and who had to sit down at recess to be heard, they are still undergoing psychological treatment and unable to return to classes. In many cases, the parents, in the absence of a response from the school authorities and the justice system, they think about changing schools so as not to be revictimized.

All that helplessness was glimpsed in a paper than a mother approached the institution after verifying the presence of the accused men in the classroom. Its titled “My daughter is not guilty of anything”.

My daughter is a victim, as well as the other girls of which many moms do not raise their voices because they have no guarantees. And the saddest thing is that these girls with this panorama they have to lower their heads and if nothing changes they will have to keep shutting up situations of harassment and harassment“Says the letter published by the medium Missions Four

The letter closes with outrage at the return of the children to class: “I do not agree with the fact that they ask us as parents to collaborate so that the children can live together in the classroom as soon as possible as if nothing happened. I do not agree that they use girls, the same girls who are victims, to fix the issue, and that the boys can return calm as if nothing had happened.”.


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