This requires strong networks, said Stefan Zach, spokesman for the EVN subsidiary Netz NÖ, on Monday.

The political climate goals by 2030 are ambitious and provide for a strong expansion of renewable energies, reminded Zach. In the eastern Weinviertel, solar and wind power plants with an output of around 2,700 megawatts are to be installed on an area of ​​50 by 50 kilometers. “That corresponds to the output of around eight to ten Danube power plants,” said the spokesman, who also referred to the great potential in upgrading existing wind farms.

Multiple phases

In order for this expansion to succeed as part of the “Mission 2030”, strong networks are needed. The “Renewable Network Weinviertel” will ensure that the energy is collected and delivered to the customers via the national network, explained Zach. Netz NÖ is thus building the important “feeder roads” to the “Stromautobahn”, ie the APG transmission networks.

According to the spokesman, the modernization and expansion of the network infrastructure in eastern Lower Austria will take place in several phases. Among other things, two new lines with a total length of around 36 kilometers are to be built and 14 substations are to be expanded or newly built.

Implementation should start in 2025

Information in the communities will be available from next week, announced Zach. If everything goes according to plan, Netz NÖ will start implementing the first sub-projects in 2025. Completion of the entire project is planned for 2030. “We are thus making a significant contribution to the implementation of the climate and energy strategy,” said the spokesman.


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