Missing for a while, here’s 13 minutes of Sable gameplay

The spirit of Moebius still lives

Announced at the Xbox E3 2018 conference, Sable is desired in the indie gaming world. Today, IGN brings us the first 13 minutes of gameplay of the game developed with 4 hands at Shedworks and edited by Raw Fury.

We see the very first moments of the debut game from London-based indie studio Shedworks. This gameplay clip reveals a game that blends elements of 3D platforming, open-world exploration, and choice-driven dialogue, set in a beautiful desert world of nomads, ancient and impenetrable architecture, and hovercraft. .

The atypical artistic direction of the title is still as pronounced, its strong features and pastel colors clearly referring to the works by the famous designer Mœbius. With a “limited” animation for the characters and a strong a priori intentional aliasing, Sable has clearly a rather unique proposition in terms of atmosphere and panoramas.

Indeed, Sand is an exploration game which seems to bet heavily on its environments, claiming this time on the side of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, less fighting (from what we know for the moment). The player seems naturally guided to his next goal, without the aid of a compass or any marker. It even looks like Sable is able to climb some facades freely.

Sable still does not have a window or exit platform.

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