Missed Flights and Passengers Walking to Orlando International Airport After Hours in Traffic Due to Deadly Crash | Univision Orlando WVEN

Some passengers leaving the Orlando International Airport missed their flights and others, desperate not to miss them, walked with their suitcases and even children from the highway that is on the way to the terminal due to a traffic jam due to a fatal accident.

This morning at 6:45 am the Orlando Police reported that there was fatal double accident between Jeff Fuqua Boulevard and Semoran Boulevard, near the north entrance of the airport that it was going to delay traffic and that some lanes had already opened.

At that time users on social networks reported that they had been stuck in traffic for two hours and they didn’t know why. Others assumed it was some accident and one even tweeted that there was a shootingwhich was denied by authorities at the Orlando International Airport.

Another person with young children reported that police told them they could walk a mile to the terminal, so many got out of their Ubers and “a 3 hour nightmare started when the police sent us walking in circles down dangerous paths, with no way in or out, and small children were being sent down a dangerous path”Brendan Walsh tweeted.

Police said by 8:35 a.m. that traffic was flowing as officers and crews worked to clear the scene and open more lanes, while some delays remained from Semoran Boulevard to TG Lee Boulevard.

Already at 11:00 am all lanes were reopened and there were no traffic delays, according to police.

Delays and canceled flights

Until the 1:30 pm this Saturday, 233 delayed flights were reported and another 4 canceledaccording to Flight Aware.

Some people complained on social networks about the delay of both the police authorities and the Orlando Airport in reporting these delays.

“Update after 1 hour that Orlando Airport is telling everyone that all of their lanes were open. Mishandling and miscommunication from one of the busiest airports in the US. Governor Ron DeSantis this cannot be happening in our condition”@fmartinez202 tweeted.

Other users commented that the people who complained were only going to take a flight, while the two people who died in the accident will not be able to do it again, asking for sensitivity.

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